Ballcock & Bits in Bracknell, Berkshire has become one of the latest IPG members to dual brand their store.

The IPG team are continuing their work to become a recognised brand amongst ALL plumbers, installers and DIY’ers. Their brand message is loud and clear, not only can you buy the best brands locally at great prices, the service you receive in an IPG member store is second to none.

When asked what his motivation was to become dual branded, Jay Lovejoy, Showroom Manager at Ballcock and Bits said: “Creating that sense of Identity across all IPG stores is important, we wanted to be at the forefront of this movement.”

Jay was also asked if his customers understand who The IPG are and how that benefits them. He responded as follows: “When our customers see our IPG branding, they’re curious to find out what The IPG are and why we’re a member. Once we explain the concept and how it can benefit them as the customer i.e., competitive prices for the leading brands, they often put us to the test. We win business every time.”

Jay went on to say: “We hope to continue to grow with The IPG and become more invested in the marketing side of things. It’s a company with great vision and we want to be a part of it.”

Strong outdoor signs help you captivate potential customers' attention as they travel down the street. Highly visible fascias make a big impact and can turn passers-by into new customers. Ballcock & Bits signage is certainly very eye-catching.