Competitive salary

After four years' training, a qualified plumber will start on around £20,000 and with time and experience the job salary of a fully qualified plumber is around £30,000+. Self-employed plumbers will earn even more and have the flexibility to choose their own jobs.

Job security

With the industry experiencing a steady growth, plumbing is on the up, meaning that job security won’t be compromised any time soon. As long as there are pipes, drains and toilets, the world will need plumbers.

A chance to help people

Plumbers help improve quality of life and safeguard the wellbeing of their community by keeping bathrooms and pipes well maintained.

Plenty of opportunities

The other major benefit to plumbing being such a fast-growing profession is that there are plenty of opportunities. This means that you are likely to be able to find continued work.

Plumbing bills become obsolete

No more flashing your cash when you have a leak at home, you’ll be able to sort everything out yourself once you have built up a portfolio of tools.