We are delighted to announce that The IPG has begun a partnership with national charity Missing People.

We’ve chosen this partnership as Missing People is a national charity that carries out great work on a local level, so they will already be helping the local community where you work and live.

80,000 young children go missing in the UK every year - a number that could nearly fill the whole of Wembley Stadium. It’s an issue that Missing People tackles daily, and one with which we think The IPG network is well placed to help. 

Through the partnership, we aim to help bring missing children back home to their worried families and friends. 

We know that our members are all well connected to their local communities and that many of them will welcome this opportunity to contribute something extra alongside any charitable work we know they already do.

Missing People have already expressed their excitement about the partnership, saying that our national reach combined with our local presence through our members could make a huge difference in the search for lost children.