The IPG got behind World Plumbing Day this year with a campaign titled “Don’t take it for granted’

Over the past couple of years, the importance of having sinks, taps, and clean water to wash our hands and help stop the spread of viruses has been vital. It can be easy to take indoor plumbing and running water for granted when you live in a modern-day home. But spare a thought for the three people in 10  worldwide who lack access to safe water at home; this puts their health at risk.

The group’s organic social posts provoked thoughts of how we are luckier than others to have such sound plumbing! The posts were shared across all channels in the run-up to, and past, World Plumbing Day.

Nike Lovell, head of Marketing at The IPG, said, “Worldwide, plumbing and heating engineers are the reason that we have access to safe water at home, that we can wash our clothes with clean water and flush our toilets. These are all things we take for granted, so we wanted to highlight the fact that we shouldn’t!”

In addition, The IPG wanted to address the issue of sustainability in the plumbing industry and embrace efforts to ensure we are conserving every drop of water. Because of this, the group ran a paid advertising campaign asking people to give one tip on saving water to receive a free bottle of CT1 Miracle Seal.

Entrants’ comments included: put timers on showers, use a water meter, use just enough water to cover your vegetables when cooking, turn off the tap when you brush your teeth, always use full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher, fix a dripping tap, use a water butt to collect rainwater to water your garden, shower – don’t bathe — and invest in low-flow showerheads, taps, toilets, and white goods. Of course, you always get unconventional suggestions such as drink beer and shower with a friend!!

We often take for granted the vital role plumbing has in our everyday lives — it gives us access to clean, convenient water and brings comfort and convenience to our homes. So, to all those hard-working professionals in the industry – thank you!

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