The IPG is not a new manufacturer, but a membership group that helps independent plumbing stores and bathroom showrooms compete with the buying power of the national brands, while remaining independent.

For a merchant or showroom, becoming part of our group gives them access to products from leading suppliers that they may not have been able to stock otherwise. With competitive prices that can rival those of larger stores and less overheads to pay for, this collaborative approach enables our member stores and showrooms to give you the opportunity to buy the best brands locally at great prices.

The group was born 10 years ago and now has a network of well over 200 independent stores and showrooms nationwide. Since 2019, dozens of independent businesses across the country have become dual-branded, with signs for ‘The IPG’ being given pride of place alongside the name of the member themselves.

It’s knowledge and service that wins hands down

The IPG members know that great products or services on their own are not always enough to keep a customer’s loyalty, but outstanding service is –from the front door to the shop floor.

If it’s good unbiased advice that you want, then look no further. A lot of our members have worked in the industry for their entire careers, or their business might have been in the family for decades. With their company name above the door and their reputation at stake, the IPG members are passionate about supporting their customers, they really appreciate and take care of their new and repeat customers.

Competitive pricing and innovative products

Our independent businesses not only receive advantageous buying power but they can be more flexible with the items they offer, from essential plumbing and heating supplies to a full bathroom suite, they stock a diversity of products. What’s more, they are known to be very reactive to the needs of their customers – selling you what you want, not what they are told to sell.

When you visit your local member store and compare products, prices and service, we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You might find that your shopping basket at the end of your visit is more competitively priced.

Championing Independents

In line with our stated vision of “supporting independents,” the group strives to make life for the independent as easy and as successful as possible. Essentially, we act as their support centre, helping them with not only improved buying power but with their marketing, IT and business services.

Independent plumbing stores and bathroom showrooms, like those represented by The IPG, have built up their expertise over many years and we strongly believe that to see that specialist knowledge and friendly, local service disappear would be a travesty.

So, in summary, why should you discover you nearest independent IPG member store today?

They have unique advantages that cannot be found in more larger operations, they have exceptional product knowledge, are willing to go that extra mile to support their customers, they can offer you the best brands at great prices and most importantly, they have the human touch.

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